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vendredi 15 juin 2012

Papercraft Bust Spiderman Black Suit

Bust Spiderman classic color 

  Merci Mike pour l'assemblage de ce buste 

Papercraft bust spiderman 
fichier .pdo line + lineless
60cm, 48 pages 


Open the .pdo file only with Pepakura Viewer

6 commentaires:

  1. Thank you, Paper Juke,

    More one great model!

    I put at my blog here:

    If you want to add something at the post, just tell, please.

    Greatings from Brazil!


  2. i cant open it coz the program ask for Password T,T

  3. ^^ sorry for above comment , Now i can open it --> i confuse between PepakuraViewer and PepakuraDesigner

    THANKS for your art work :)

  4. Please look at all links your site
    Link was dead